Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Yuck! Yuck! Yuck!

Yes. Yuck! Yuck! Yuck! will be the first track on our Bayside ripoff album, Killing Thyme. You can pick it up never because I'm just jolking.

Now then...

We're hard at work in the unification of all of these silly social media pages. There are too damn many! Gotta  get your Twitterers, your Facebookers, your Band Campers, your this, your that. It's all quite a lot to deal with. Help. Please.

Also, we have a show in a few days time. To be more precise with my information, the event is being held this Saturday (01/12/2013) at Paws Bingo Hall which is located at 848 Martin St., Greenville, OH 45331. All of the money made at the door will be donated to the Drivers Edge Charity, which is all about raising awareness for teen driving safety. A good cause no doubt. More info can be found here.

What else? We are getting together for a mid-week jam session tomorrow where we will yell at each other in odd voices and probably go into at least a several minutes long hardcore breakdown. Sorry I don't have more to tell you right now, but my brain is rightly fried.


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