Wednesday, January 30, 2013


I know... I get it... just some good-natured ribbing and uh... OH  BOY!

Just wanted to take a moment or two here and wish Glen Tennis a very happy January 30, 2013. From everyone in the band, you're a shining star and a reason to believe.

Also, somehow, we have our songs up for free download on all these different websites and it doesn't look like many of you have taken advantage of that little tidbit yet. What's up with that?! It saves you the whole streaming thing! Some bands are assholes and purposely keep their songs on streaming ONLY just so their plays get super strokes. We just want you to listen to our stuff in the most convenient way possible. I guess if it's more convenient to go to one of our pages to listen to us each time, do that. 

Have a great time at Sauceman's.


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