Wednesday, January 30, 2013


I know... I get it... just some good-natured ribbing and uh... OH  BOY!

Just wanted to take a moment or two here and wish Glen Tennis a very happy January 30, 2013. From everyone in the band, you're a shining star and a reason to believe.

Also, somehow, we have our songs up for free download on all these different websites and it doesn't look like many of you have taken advantage of that little tidbit yet. What's up with that?! It saves you the whole streaming thing! Some bands are assholes and purposely keep their songs on streaming ONLY just so their plays get super strokes. We just want you to listen to our stuff in the most convenient way possible. I guess if it's more convenient to go to one of our pages to listen to us each time, do that. 

Have a great time at Sauceman's.


Monday, January 28, 2013

Super Cool Special Edition EP Progress

Just wanted to say hello right quick and let everyone know that the neato crafty craft version of our EP is going to be really spectacular. We'll be posting details and pictures of the progress on our Tumblr. page as we go along, so if you're interested please check that out. Also, if you think you might be interested in the limited run of the deluxe dudes, let us know. We only plan on making 20 of them, but if it seems like there's a demand for more, we'll take that into consideration. They'll be $10 a pop and come in some boss-worthy packaging. Also, I'm hand writing all of the lyric books. That probably doesn't matter to 99% of people out there, but maybe one of you is already a Sleep Star Ignition fanboy/fangirl and you think that would be awesome to have. Like I said though, follow our Tumblr. page for more details!

All right, guys and gals, I gotta get back to work. Until next time, live long and ponder.


Monday, January 21, 2013

The Big Boy Set

Playing for over an hour, while not necessarily a legendary feat, is still going to be a fun challenge while keeping the intensity up to snuff and not allowing people to become bored. Looking forward to it!

Friday, January 18, 2013

Not sure who follows us on the Twitters, but if you happened to see us posting links to malware infested advertisements hawking acai berries, it wasn't really us. We'll throw up some odd stuff on our newsfeeds and status updates from time to time, but nothing that will ever harm your computer. I don't know how that noise came about, but none of us signed off on any such update. Needless to say, that update was removed and our password was changed to a different password. The new password is not password or 12345.

What else? I suppose that's about as exciting as it gets today.

Oh! Here's something...

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

A Real Awkward Moment

I'm not a big fan of the whole "that awkward moment when..." shtick. So many people fill in the blanks with ridiculously mundane scenarios that aren't even remotely awkward, and then you're just left noticing that awkward moment when a fully grown adult on your newsfeed doesn't know the meaning of the word awkward. Then again, many full grown adults (with college educations) on your newsfeed also don't know the difference between your and you're, so is it really so surprising they would think that waiting an extra five minutes on line at the drive-thru is somehow awkward? It might be inconvenient, but I hardly see how it's awkward. Unless the drive-thru attendant had to sit in your car with you in complete silence until your food was ready, it's probably just an ordinary inconvenience.

Anyway, here's something that really is awkward. It's awkward when you're playing on a bill with six other bands, your guitarist breaks a string in the middle of your fifth song, and no one loans your band another guitar so you can finish your set.

Now, you might say it's awkward to see a band without a backup guitar. Fine. We know. We didn't bring it to the show. We won't make that mistake again. But, as Mr. Max Moon said after the show on Saturday night, it was "very un-punk rock" for most of the other musicians who played that night to slink into the shadows and act like they didn't know what was going on. Perhaps Bob is such a monstrous beast they were all afraid he would literally ruin their instrument and render it completely unplayable after two songs (number of tunes we had left to play). We might as well go with that theory. In fact, if we ever need to borrow a guitar in the future, don't let us. This is your warning.

Bob Tallman will purposely destroy your fucking guitar.

Monday, January 14, 2013

Short and to the Point Monday.

We're approaching this band is if everyone already gives a shit about us. Not because we're cocky or we think we're reinventing the wheel here. Even the fact that our music follows a concept can be "so whatted" right along with everything else that's been done before. We're being honest, though. That's why I believe in this band. That's why we all care so much. This is just us being us, playing what we want to play and writing about what we want to write about. We know it's not cool. We know we don't fit in with whatever the fuck the scene is. Who does? Is there a scene? We're going to welcome that uncertainty. And when people do start giving a shit, we won't have to change anything about the way we operate.

Thanks for giving a shit.


Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Yuck! Yuck! Yuck!

Yes. Yuck! Yuck! Yuck! will be the first track on our Bayside ripoff album, Killing Thyme. You can pick it up never because I'm just jolking.

Now then...

We're hard at work in the unification of all of these silly social media pages. There are too damn many! Gotta  get your Twitterers, your Facebookers, your Band Campers, your this, your that. It's all quite a lot to deal with. Help. Please.

Also, we have a show in a few days time. To be more precise with my information, the event is being held this Saturday (01/12/2013) at Paws Bingo Hall which is located at 848 Martin St., Greenville, OH 45331. All of the money made at the door will be donated to the Drivers Edge Charity, which is all about raising awareness for teen driving safety. A good cause no doubt. More info can be found here.

What else? We are getting together for a mid-week jam session tomorrow where we will yell at each other in odd voices and probably go into at least a several minutes long hardcore breakdown. Sorry I don't have more to tell you right now, but my brain is rightly fried.


Sunday, January 6, 2013

Greetings, friends!

Wake up, sleepyheads!

This is famous vocalist Nicholas R. Villars reporting to you live from my office in Lebanon, Ohio. Want a bit of a mental picture? My desk is a glass top desk. Under the glass I have placed various covers/cool pictures from old Game Informer magazines, so I have a bit of a gaming collage to look down at whenever I want to look down at my desk. On that desk I have arranged very strategically starting at my left and moving clockwise, a desk lamp, small television, blue lava lamp, lime-green candle, Moon Knight drinking glass, peach-colored salt lamp (lots of lamps, dude) and two miniature bronze Buddha statuettes. That stuff stays put. Some things on my desk that either shouldn't be here or happen to be nomadic pieces, coming and going as I need them are: a stack of Iron Man comics, an empty coffee mug from Salem, Massachusetts, cookie plate, candy wrappers, Turtle Beach headset, fork, Wonder Woman drinking glass, journal, yellow legal pad, pen, and of course, my laptop and mouse.

Now that you know what my battle station looks like, let's get on with it.

You are probably here because you want to know more about Sleep Star Ignition. We are a music band. And not only that, our music has a concept behind it. Some might call us a concept band. Surely you are familiar with the concept album, where all of the songs follow a certain theme or storyline. Well, our band's entire musical catalog will be following a very cool (in my opinion, anyway) narrative, and it starts with our upcoming EP, Exile Boy Vol. 1: The Quiet Desert (02/02/2013). We will share much more and shed more light on the project as we near the release date, but for now, we just wanted to whet your whistle. Get your blood pumpin'. Get ya'll psyched up! Because let's face it, who gets their whistles whetted, their bloodies pumpin', or their psyches psychin' for a local band? I'll tell you who... our friends! You guys! You're excited right now! Maybe you don't feel it yet, but you will. And then you'll get your other friends excited, and they'll ask what they're excited about, and you'll tell em' they're excited about Sleep Star Ignition! And they'll be like... Woah! I AM excited about Sleep Star Ignition!... What's a Sleep Star Ignition? And then you'll tell them to check us out on Facebook, Twitter, Reverbnation, Soundcloud, Purevolume, and Youtube! And they will! And we'll all get together after our next show and drink Honey Mead like the Norse gods and celebrate our victory as we defeat bullshitty music and boring live shows.

Nice to meet you. Check back often. I like to do this.


Nick (representing Bob (a guitar/ a backup vocal), Zach (a bass), and Max (a drumkit))