Sunday, January 6, 2013

Greetings, friends!

Wake up, sleepyheads!

This is famous vocalist Nicholas R. Villars reporting to you live from my office in Lebanon, Ohio. Want a bit of a mental picture? My desk is a glass top desk. Under the glass I have placed various covers/cool pictures from old Game Informer magazines, so I have a bit of a gaming collage to look down at whenever I want to look down at my desk. On that desk I have arranged very strategically starting at my left and moving clockwise, a desk lamp, small television, blue lava lamp, lime-green candle, Moon Knight drinking glass, peach-colored salt lamp (lots of lamps, dude) and two miniature bronze Buddha statuettes. That stuff stays put. Some things on my desk that either shouldn't be here or happen to be nomadic pieces, coming and going as I need them are: a stack of Iron Man comics, an empty coffee mug from Salem, Massachusetts, cookie plate, candy wrappers, Turtle Beach headset, fork, Wonder Woman drinking glass, journal, yellow legal pad, pen, and of course, my laptop and mouse.

Now that you know what my battle station looks like, let's get on with it.

You are probably here because you want to know more about Sleep Star Ignition. We are a music band. And not only that, our music has a concept behind it. Some might call us a concept band. Surely you are familiar with the concept album, where all of the songs follow a certain theme or storyline. Well, our band's entire musical catalog will be following a very cool (in my opinion, anyway) narrative, and it starts with our upcoming EP, Exile Boy Vol. 1: The Quiet Desert (02/02/2013). We will share much more and shed more light on the project as we near the release date, but for now, we just wanted to whet your whistle. Get your blood pumpin'. Get ya'll psyched up! Because let's face it, who gets their whistles whetted, their bloodies pumpin', or their psyches psychin' for a local band? I'll tell you who... our friends! You guys! You're excited right now! Maybe you don't feel it yet, but you will. And then you'll get your other friends excited, and they'll ask what they're excited about, and you'll tell em' they're excited about Sleep Star Ignition! And they'll be like... Woah! I AM excited about Sleep Star Ignition!... What's a Sleep Star Ignition? And then you'll tell them to check us out on Facebook, Twitter, Reverbnation, Soundcloud, Purevolume, and Youtube! And they will! And we'll all get together after our next show and drink Honey Mead like the Norse gods and celebrate our victory as we defeat bullshitty music and boring live shows.

Nice to meet you. Check back often. I like to do this.


Nick (representing Bob (a guitar/ a backup vocal), Zach (a bass), and Max (a drumkit))

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