Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Good Bands Do Posters

Good bands do posters, don't they? You don't see many good bands without posters of themselves for sale. You also don't see many good bands without signed 11 x 17 glossy prints. I think what we might do is go ahead and sell our van and all of our musical equipment, take the money we get from our combined sales, and throw in on some "Hi-Q" glossy prints of our band having lunch. We'll charge $15 for the glossy print and then $5 per signature from each band member. Of course, we'll be wearing dark sunglasses while we sign your print because we don't want to make eye contact for free. If you get everyone's John Hancock, we'll knock off $5 from the total. So, the total package or "Lex Luger Edition" with everyone's autograph would look like this:

Glossy print of Sleep Star Ignition having lunch - $15
Bob Tallman's signature - $0
Zach Madden's signature - $0
Max Moon's signature - $0
Nicholas Randal Villars's signature - $15

What about shows? How will we play without instruments? Ever heard of a capella, ya slapnuts? I'm going to bring this up at tonight's practice and see if I can convince everyone that this is definitely the way to go in moving forward. We had been kicking around this "Boss Fights" idea for the next EP, but I think we should go with something like "Harmonious Existing in the Key of Us".

Prepare your walls for Sleep Star Ignition a capella posters and signed glossy prints.

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