Friday, February 8, 2013

"Don't cover Buffett at singer/songwriter night."

Wednesday night, Zach, Bob, and myself (Nick... I'm usually the one writing these and I'll be better about clarifying that in the future) went to the local pub. We played some darts, drank a few beers, downed an entire bottle of honey mead, and oh yeah, played an acoustic set.

We opened the collection of four songs with a cover of Jimmy Buffett's Margaritaville. We had fun. The musical acts were more or less there for background noise, so I can't say exactly what everyone in attendance thought about it, but they clapped after we finished, so at the very least they didn't hate our tunes. Or maybe they did and were simply humoring us. Whatevz. 

The whole evening was more or less just for fun. We weren't going out to try capturing a gaggle of new fans or anything of that sort. I said our band name a few times in between songs, but I don't believe anyone went home and looked us up. Like I said, it wasn't about any of that. We hit the downtown Lebanon scene looking for a laid back hangout and that's what we got. In a nice, rusticly decorated bar with a fine selection of wines and craft beers, we enjoyed ourselves and hopefully provided satisfactory ambiance for the local patrons. 

There was one hangup, however. The guy running the show told us we shouldn't have covered Jimmy Buffett. Why?! Why not?! He didn't even elaborate! Come on, man! Now I'm going to push for us to prepare a set made up exclusively of Jimmy Buffett songs which, if all goes my way, we will perform live at singer/songwriter night next month at The Village Wine Cellars (where we played Wednesday). 

And one last thing... I am a Parrothead. If you ever see us live and we cover Buffett, we're not being cute or ironic. I genuinely love the guy's entire catalogue. 


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